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Alimentary ( 20 )
Allergy&Immune ( 9 )
Analgesics ( 1 )
Anti Smoking ( 6 )
Antibiotics ( 57 )
Antihistamines ( 10 )
Antiobesity agent ( 1 )
Antiparkinson ( 4 )
Cardiovascular&Hematopoietic ( 81 )
Chemotherapeutics ( 11 )
Contraceptive Agents ( 9 )
Dermatologicals ( 40 )
Diuretic Agent ( 4 )
Eyes Preparation ( 3 )
Gastro intestinal preparation ( 10 )
Hormones ( 17 )
Metabolism ( 36 )
Neuro-Muscular ( 43 )
Other ( 3 )
Pain Relief ( 14 )
Respiratory ( 15 )
Thyroid Preparation ( 2 )
Topical used balm ( 1 )
Vaginal Preparations ( 4 )

Welcome to Clickremedy.com
Clickremedy is proud to provide you quality drugs. All of our products are FDA approved and available without a prescription. Save time and money with our convenient and inexpensive online pharmacy. Order legally and directly from us at the best possible prices. Take advantage of our simple, secure and completely confidential service. We provide both nonprescription and prescription drugs with free worldwide shipping. If you have any questions about drugs availability or need more medication information, please feel free to contact us.

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Motilium (generic), Domperidone Maleate 10 mg 100 tabs/unit (Order 10 units free 1 unit)
Motilium (generic), Domperidone Maleate 10 mg 100 tabs/unit Original package from glass bottle.
Category: Gastro intestinal preparation
Price: $9.50
Ultram, Tramal (generic) Tramadol HCl 50 mg,50 caps/unit (Blister Pack)
varied manufacturers(50 mg,50 caps)
Category: Pain Relief
Price: $23.00
IbuIbuprofen,Brufen (generic) 600 mg, 100 tabs/unit
Ibuprofen,Brufen (generic) 600 mg, 100 tabs/unit

Category: Pain Relief
Price: $30.00
Brufen by Boots 200 mg 100 tabs/unit
Generic name:
Strength:200mg tab
Size: 100

Category: Pain Relief
Price: $11.00
Ibuprofen,Brufen (generic) 400 mg, 100 tabs/unit
"generic", 400 mg tab, 100 tabs/unit

Category: Pain Relief
Price: $25.00
Topicorte Skin Cream 15ml Desoximetasone
Topicorte Skin Cream 15ml Desoximetasone
Category: Dermatologicals
Price: $15.00
Euthyrox 100 mcg (Levothyroxine sodium) 100 tabs/units
Euthyrox 100 mcg (Levothyroxine sodium) 100 tabs/units by Merck KGaA , Darmstadt , Germany
Category: Thyroid Preparation
Price: $10.00
Estrofem, Estradiol 2mg /g 28sachets/unit
Estrofem, Estradiol 2mg /g 28sachets/unit

Category: Hormones
Price: $35.00
Celebrex 200mg by Pfizer, 100 caps/unit
Celebrex 200mg by Pfizer, 100 caps/unit

Category: Analgesics
Price: $138.00
Amoksiklav 1000 mg, (Amoxicillin 875mg, Clavulanic acid 125mg), 10 film coated tablets
Amoksiklav 1000 mg, (Amoxicillin 875mg, Clavulanic acid 125mg), 10 film coated tablets

Category: Antibiotics
Price: $34.00
ULTRACET (Tramadol Hcl 37.5mg, Paracetamol 325mg), 30 tablets
ULTRACET (Tramadol Hcl 37.5mg, Paracetamol 325mg), 30 tablets

Category: Pain Relief
Price: $42.00
Augmentin by SmithKline 1 g 14 tabs/unit
 Augmentin by SmithKline 1 g 14 tabs/unit 
Category: Antibiotics
Price: $50.00
Sporal (generic) 100 mg 32 tabs/unit
Sporal by Janssen 100 mg 32 tabs/unit
Category: Dermatologicals
Price: $60.00
Prednisone (generic) 5mg 100 tabs/unit
Prednisone (generic) 5mg 100 tabs/unit
Category: Other
Price: $22.00
Fluconazole,Diflucan (original) by Pfizer150 mg, 10 caps/unit
Fluconazole,Diflucan (original) by Pfizer150 mg, 10 caps/unit
Category: Dermatologicals
Price: $115.00
Stiemycin solution (erythromycin 2%)
Stiemycin solution (erythromycin)
Topical Anitibiotic For Acne

Category: Antibiotics
Price: $18.00
Eryacne Gel (Erythromycin) 4%
Eryacne Gel (Erythromycin) 4%
Category: Dermatologicals
Price: $30.00
Fluconazole,Diflucan (original) by Pfizer200 mg, 20 caps/unit
 Fluconazole,Diflucan (original) by Pfizer200 mg, 20 caps/unit 
Category: Dermatologicals
Price: $238.00
Fluconazole,Diflucan (original) by Pfizer200 mg, 10 caps/unit
  Fluconazole,Diflucan (original) by Pfizer200 mg, 10 caps/unit 

Category: Dermatologicals
Price: $120.00
Fluconazole, Diflucan (generic) 200 mg, 10 caps/unit
 Fluconazole, Diflucan (generic) 200 mg, 10caps/unit 
Category: Dermatologicals
Price: $25.00
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